trackshack32nd Annual Divers Reunion

Call All Divers on Deck

When: October 21, 2023 at 12:00 PM
Location: Rips on The Lake
1917 Lakeshore Dr, Mandeville, LA
Beer and Mixed Drinks
Bring your Hat, Photos, & Memorabilia to Display on Memory Lane

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20K Diesel Water Blaster Unit and Components Safe Practices

Read “Recommended Practices for the Use of Manually Operated High Pressure Jetting Equipment” All personnel must be trained in safe operation of water blasting equipment Never aim WB gun at your body or others. Remember that Zero thrust guns discharge water in both directions Do not use damaged or leaking fittings Inspect hoses, lances, and nozzles for leaks, obstructions, or other damage before use. Never tie the gun trigger closed Always brace for gun re-coil Do not operate water blast equipment in pressure ranges outside of maximum working pressure. Do not modify or alter any equipment. Only replace gun tips […]
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Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries

If an individual sustains a soft tissue injury (muscle strain) the following measures may be considered. Assuming the individual is not allergic to aspirin products, does not have diabetes, and is not on a blood thinner (in which case Tylenol should be used 500 mg every 4 hours) the following over the counter preparations to reduce pain and swelling are available: Aleve – Naproxen Sodium (one 200mg tablet every 8-12 hrs, not to exceed 3 in 24 hour period) Advil/Motrin – Ibuprofen (one 200mg tablet, 2 if needed not to exceed 6 in 24 hour period) Tylenol – Acetaminophen (1 […]
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Water Blaster Safety Procedures

Waterblasters continue to maim divers and tenders. Mostly due to the lack of pre thought of position at the worksite. They struggle with the awkwardness of the tool instead of preparing for it. I have found that the gun is best operated upside down, I would secure the hose above me and let the weight of the gun be supported by the hose or in shallow water by tenders on the +10 etc… In deep applications a soda sorb bucket works best and again takes the weight off of the tool. The Long barrel in MY opinion causes the divers […]
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