Water Blaster Safety Procedures

Waterblasters continue to maim divers and tenders. Mostly due to the lack of pre thought of position at the worksite. They struggle with the awkwardness of the tool instead of preparing for it.

I have found that the gun is best operated upside down, I would secure the hose above me and let the weight of the gun be supported by the hose or in shallow water by tenders on the +10 etc… In deep applications a soda sorb bucket works best and again takes the weight off of the tool. The Long barrel in MY opinion causes the divers to alter the tool so they can SEE the working end, the altering of it, Tye Wraps to hold the trigger etc… causes most incidents.

Only experienced divers should use this tool, however most of them feel it a menial task thus it is why more tenders and new divers are those getting injured.

Don’t try this at home!

“Keep em Safe”!